Can You Handwrite Shipping Labels while booking door-to-door international shipping in India? 


A shipment goes through numerous stages of loading, transportation, customs, and numerous other steps where things could go wrong at any time. From packing your product to tracking its location to biting your nails till it is securely delivered, can be a taxing experience. Therefore, choosing the right and best courier services in India whom you can trust with the responsibility to help you send your package fast and at the lowest cost, while making sure to keep your package personal enough could be a task. 

Handwriting your labels is a great way to make your shipment seem personal, whether you need to send it to your relative, kids, friends, or even if you need to send a product to your customer. A handwritten label can help you show your creative side and affection to your sender as it would show the efforts put on from the sender's end in the packaging. 

While you can use a handwritten shipment label with most courier service providers, you need to attach a shipment barcode to your package as the carrier barcode needs to be scanned for your shipment to get delivered. Without clear shipping labels, your parcel could be lost or mishandled, causing you problems.

Therefore the handwritten shipping label can only serve as a more personal approach to décor on your shipment.

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There are over 100+ courier services in India and to make sure that your package will reach the location safely and cost-effectively is to put one trusted and experienced freight service in charge of your shipment.

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